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What can you do if your Mom or Dad doesn’t like the dream wedding dress of yours?

What can you do if your Mom or Dad doesn’t like the dream wedding dress of yours?

Let’s agree on the matter, these things are well-known to happen. Parents and especially moms often know much more of life, trends, fashion and, surely, they are the ones who gave you life in the first place. Hence, despite the fact that situation can be rather tricky and complex, finding a compromise is more of a must.


What’s wrong then?

Well, dress can be too exposed, way too long, strapless, trendy backless, and simply just not to the taste of your mom. Especially, in case you have some tattoos and proud of them, your siblings may stick to somewhat very different opinion (remember, when they saw them for the first time), whereas the church service may way exacerbate the situation.

At the end of the day, parents quite often, at least partially, sponsoring the wedding event, hence achievement of a compromise upon the gown issue with your prime investors is not just wise for the moment but perhaps, all of the future life, as you should also think of your mother and farther in law too.


Why stick to one, if you can have two?

Common, spoil yourself and simply buy two wedding gowns. The conservative and modern looks. Why not kill two birds with one stone, as they say. After all, in case you are short of budget then actively involve the unhappy parties into the purchasing process. It may well cool down their emotions.

Perhaps you can also make things slightly difficult for your bridesmaid squad, yet, you do have to set your priorities right, being as diplomatic as possible.


Having extra fabric wouldn’t hurt much

In case you are too exposed, at least according to your mom, aunt and the like, considering some kind of topper for the actual wedding ceremony is not a very big deal by all means. Your magic gown remains the same but feelings are not hurt.

Alterations may lead to a compromise

In case things cannot be fixed so easily, why not give in a little and consider some alterations to your dream dress. Surely, moms would appreciate this step of yours, especially if you stand your grounds till this very moment.

Yet, who said that you should wear this gown all of the wedding day, and not change to some stunning cocktail party dress in the evening. After all, by this time, cocktails and champagne can really be on your side and create some valuable solid allies.

Finally, it is rather true that any bride wants to feel very special on the day but don’t forget that even if your mother(s) don’t invest financially, they certainly do emotionally. And the very first lesson of being able to find a compromise might well be that bedrock of your happy marriage for years to come as such tensions are inevitable, so why not make friends right from the beginning rather than prepare grounds for future conflict.

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