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Trendy, stunning, fabulous, yet, elegant gowns, so to dress you to an absolute success

Trendy, stunning, fabulous, yet, elegant gowns, so to dress you to an absolute success


Good day, my name is Catherine and it is somewhat true pleasure to welcome you at my page. 


Hope you don’t me taking you a little bit back in history of dress, so to be able to justify my own view of dresses as such as well as my attitude towards them. 

Firstly, the very obvious function of any dress seems to be to keep their owner warm and protected, which is obviously often far away from reality these days – many of them simply beautiful and rather concerned with delivering pleasure to the wearer. Yet, many dresses served a function of a messenger, being focused upon religious, ritual, identification, informational, hierarchical and many other purposes. 


Without going too much into the jungles of the history, I would like to conclude that perhaps, the very purpose of the dress is to make you look more attractive as well as feel more comfortable. And here is exactly the point where my jobs starts but hardly ends till the point of perfection and obsession with quality. 


From the very moment I could remember myself I simply adored dresses. That is to say that dress shops were the most interesting places to me, whereas my mother’s new dresses completely grabbed my attention, making absolutely obsessed with them. It has always been my true addiction in its rather positive sense. I caught every little detail, so to draw it in my notebook and create the designs of my own. In result, at the very early age of 9, I attempted to sew my first little doll gown. Well, I need to admit it was pretty good. Importantly, I think it was that little, though, massive foundation stone, which rested upon my future path of dedicating my entire life to wonder world of dresses. 


As early as at the age of 19, I released my first dress collection and to my pleasure and perhaps surprise, it was completely sold out within a few weeks. Hence, the next logical step was foundation my own company, where I tried to create quite different clothing but till now, dresses reserve some very special place in my heart. However, let me guide you further to the achievements of my company. 


At this very moment, our company can proudly announce that we have been developing our manufacturing facilities, design studio and atelier for over five years, attracting top specialists and acquiring latest technologies. Both these factors allow us to provide our customers with top quality, modern designs, and still focus on customisation of every single dress. 

Please note, that we successfully trade our products at our Etsy store (, yet, we are open to any new contacts and enquiries from wholesalers, independent and chain shops. We are very positive about our potential and hence, the one we can offer to our partners. In the modern globalised world, there are hardly any borders and boundaries left as in communications, so the logistics.  


Perfection always guides me through my life, which is why I do expect all of my dresses to be not just beautiful and elegant but simply perfect as to myself, so to my customer. I also constantly transfer this vision of mine upon all members of my busy team. 

The path towards such result can be quite rocky, which is why I strongly believe that fabric always comes first as in color, so in texture. It is the feeling of comfort, where the beauty starts. 

Dresses’ color palette has all the variety between classic colors and Pantone’s trending shades of the year, the choice is yours, whereas we are always at your service to help and advice. 


Honestly, stunning looks are my goal in every single design, while photos of my beautiful clients give me superior feeling of achievement. That is why, to make you shine and feel awesome gave me true motivation for creation of this shop. Please enjoy!


Let my dress make your day!


Truly yours, 



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  • Hi, I am located in Australia and your bridesmaid dresses are the only ones I’ve found that i love. Do you charge extra for custom made if the bridesmaids were to tell you their sizing? Also from the order time to arrival how long would it be expected to arrive from USA to Australia? The wedding isn’t until August in 2020 I’m just being organised. Also i was wondering how i would go about getting some fabric samples. I like all the neutral colours and wanted to compare the colours and when i tell my bridesmaids in December they can order early in January. If you could get back to me. That would be great. Looking forward to hearing from you! :)


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