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The prime 2019 wedding dress trends: All and only you need to know

The prime 2019 wedding dress trends: All and only you need to know

Sounds fascinating, isn’t it? We don’t mean to be some sort of genius here, yet, we did run the market and a number of things came up as to this date.

The trend number one is certainly royal style wedding dresses. The two weddings, Kate Middleton’s and Meghan Markle’s ones caused some very serious effect upon the market and its trends. In particular, as it has been suggested by Brides and we do agree to that - Tiaras, capes, and sharp pantsuits (hello Meghan Markle's signature style!), all gave us serious royal wedding vibes. There were also sexy plunging necklines, contrasted with modest (dare we say Victorian) high neck and long sleeve wedding styles, and just a hint of lavender to give us a bit of color this season.

For sure, many of you, Ladies, do want to look like a princess these days and it is hard to blame you for that. After all, your wedding is supposed to be some kind of magic. Full figured ball gown is something to be imagined. Probably the ball gown trend itself is knocking at our doors this and the next season.

Moving further, we cannot miss the jumpsuits, which certainly now hold their strong position in the wedding vernacular. In case you may have a piece of mind, for something modern and chic, modern jumpsuits are definitely the ones to opt for, in stead of classic modest bride and bridesmaid dresses.

On the other hand, simple tailoring, clean lines, which may ring a bell of 90s, nonetheless are in favor this season, challenging the fact that simple or neutral can’t be sexy, elegant and beautiful. At the end of the day, little touch of 90s nostalgia wouldn’t kill anyone, hence the gowns of such style certainly won’t.

Finally, talking of the lavender trend, it is not about the smell, although it is quite nice. Nope, we are talking of violet color and all the shades of it. This one in particular, should go well to almost any kind of dress you can think of, not necessarily wedding but prom or homecoming ones should also benefit of using this trend.

Oh, and don’t you forget about mock turtlenecks accompanied by metallics in gold or silver, oversized bows and heavy embellishments – we are obviously not advising to mix them but something to bear in mind, shopping around. 

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