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The Mining Feld of Wedding Etiquette: Common Faults vs. Solutions

The Mining Feld of Wedding Etiquette: Common Faults vs. Solutions

Surely, the whole wedding thing is rather stressing, if not panicking and hence, mistakes are more or less inevitable. And it is not the matter of aiming to avoid as many as possible but more of being prepared to correct them, calmly and rapidly. Here is the short list of most popular ones known to happen.

Placing wrong time onto the invitations

In is not about global mistake with date and time as in this case the whole issue needs to be replaced but rather of being extra cautious of guests arriving on time. Please provide them with a corridor of 15 to 30 minutes but no more than this, otherwise, you don’t really want people to wait for the ceremony for more than mentioned time slot as it may be reasonably uncomfortable for them, especially talking of age or the like.

Wedding agenda in full

It is way important for guests to be as much aware of your plans as possible. Certainly, time and day is not enough, and it would be nice to include detailed plan into the envelope with wedding invitation, specifying all events, times, dress codes, hotel information and even weather forecast if possible. The last one is obviously an exaggeration but why not take an advantage of modern technologies and create some basic web site or an instagram account, so to keep everyone posted and perhaps, share photos afterwards. Some may even opt for digital invitations. Yet, if you think about it, loads of advantages are hidden within, reducing loads of potential risks and importantly, allowing for quick corrections.

Be specific and precise

In case you are inviting the whole family, still make sure that you list the people you’d like to see at your special day as for instance, inner and greater London are not exactly the same thing. Plus, you do need to plan your guest list as in terms of restaurant sitting or any other things of similar nature.

Old fashion style

Probably including prepaid envelopes together with invitation may sound as rather good idea but also, follow up phone call could be even better, so to make sure that everything goes according to the plan or perhaps sharing some additional information.

Contact information

Even you may think that it is relatively apparent for everyone you are inviting but you may not hold a household name as such, whereas some editions methods of contacting you wouldn’t hurt at all. Especially living within the modern digital world you can easily provide people with great deal of flexibility plus do account for this, in case you may expect some guests from overseas.

Moments of etiquette

Frankly speaking – put your phone down or hide it, unless taking pictures; be open, proactive and make new friends, don’t hesitate to start a new conversation by all means; finally, have some great quality time. Undoubtedly, the young couple really wants you to enjoy the day and probably dedicated loads of efforts towards it, hence, don’t let them down. Although, wearing a white dress at a wedding may be quite inappropriate, unless specified by the bride.

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