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Shopping and choosing the right bridesmaid dress

Shopping and choosing the right bridesmaid dress

Surely, you guys know what you are doing – shopping, what can be easier and more enjoyable? We’ve got the answer – do it right. That is to say, value for money spent, pleasant results, right attitude, coupled with lack of significant damages to the budget and loss of time, i.e. many things, though, bearing in mind that we do want to look great in that unique bridesmaid dress of ours.

Yet, let’s walk thought it step by step. 


 Gown shopping journey should begin by simple browsing. And in case you are thinking of clicking web sites, using search engines for sexy bridesmaid dress or casual bridesmaid dress, you are on the right track but only with one wheel. Browsing effectively means all kind of things – flipping magazines, ripping out pages or taking pictures of the dresses you liked, surfing the net, visiting web sites and so on. Gradually building up experience and realizing the things, which you do like the most. 


Moreover, budget is something we are all more or less limited to. By the way, just a courtesy reminder that bridesmaid dresses are usually paid by the bridesmaids, unless they have sponsors. Hence, in case you are the bride, please be reasonable in your expectations as not all of your Ladies have the same financial position or at least allow for the certain degree of flexibility and freedom. For instance advice the color but let them select their own style and shape, which can be also helpful for those with different heights and sizes. 

Alternatively, do not underestimate the power of renting one’s bridesmaid dress. Previous years collections, special offers also ring the bell pretty well. 


Important thing to note is the simple fact that before you can shop for your bridesmaid dress, it is really needed for the bride to make up her mind on style of her wedding dress as well as the theme of the wedding itself and pass on the relevant guidelines to the bridesmaids gang. 

Given, that the above took place, please, don’t take the whole team with you – one or two friends would be more than enough. After all, it is you choosing the right bridesmaid dress, and it up to you to decide whether it should have long sleeves or velvet fabric.  Too many opinions can and probably will spoil the whole thing. 


In case, you may find it challenging to find the right fit or shade, there is always an opinion for a custom made one. Yet, watch out for the production times and delivery terms. These things may require some time, hence plan accordingly. 

Additionally, don’t you forget of accessories, foot wear and right lingerie. The ones which you may already have in your possession may not match at all, whereas buying new ones requires time and efforts. We are not only talking of colors but styles, matching, shades, fits – oh, you name it, babe!


Last but not least thing to be mentioned is season and hence, the potential weather. In case of beach wedding, Hawaii style, you may not need cocktail dress at all but swimming costume. 

Seriously, do take it into account as you may need a few dresses, morning, day and evening. 

Overall, to look great, elegant and sexy in the dress of yours, you do have loads of work to do! Enjoy!



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