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Pregnancy might be a reason but certainly not an obstacle for buying a perfect dress

Pregnancy might be a reason but certainly not an obstacle for buying a perfect dress

Pregnant, you are? Oh, congrats. Still planning a wedding, to attend? Please accept our compliments, regardless of the fact, whether it is yours or somebody else’s. Little bump of yours is more of a happiness, rather than any kind of barrier.

Surely, having a little bun in the oven may make it a bit more complicated but in reality, there are only a few things, which you should watch out for, i.e. we are talking of dresses here. Just in case.

Who does it?

First of all, you need to check, who actually does the maternity wedding dresses as such. In any case, it is hard to expect to have them ready-made but undoubtedly, alterations are not out of scope at all. The time, is something that really matters. Perhaps, this is the case, when you do need to plan ahead and really stick to it. Yet, it can’t be an excuse to miss a special occasion at all.

Classic question

Flaunt or conceal, that is the question… Well, entirely up to you, really. However, an answer to this question should help you to decide upon the choice of the right silhouette for the gown. Despite the decision, always size up and depending upon the pregnancy and date of the event, you should be able to forecast that upper limit in sizing. Perhaps, searching for some professional advice wouldn’t be a bad idea by all means.



Moreover, fabrics should be really taken into consideration, the right fabrics. For instance, stretch fabrics in crepe or jersey should bring comfort, whereas things as ethereal tulle or chiffon can allow for softness and flowing details. Hence, you can allow your bump to grow, without making any difficulties or creating limitations. Comfort is something to bear in mind at all stages.


Again, we do need to refer back to help of real professionals, and in particular, experienced seamstress and designer. Just in case scenario, would be having prepared some extra panels and corsets, which can be always added at the final fitting day, in case the size up policy missed on something. Though, do make sure you are working with real specialists as this kind of trick requires some special skills and experience.   

Still, magic likes simple things, don’t opt for complicated models. At least, not this time.


Remember? Comfort is something we do really need but this statement has no exceptions. Given the fact that any event requires comfortable shoes or at least, something in reserve; the bumpy road certainly calls for something extra. It can be still stylish and cozy but sorry, comfort comes first.


Do not allow for any stereotypes or prejudice, because all pregnant ladies are beautiful. Full stop. Happiness and self-confidence as well as readiness to attract a lot of positive attention to yourself,  are the real things to keep in mind. Have a great time!

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