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Incomplete, yet, endless list of dress shopping tips. Part 3.

Incomplete, yet, endless list of dress shopping tips. Part 3.

Alright ladies, probably you had just about enough, hence, we really should try to finalize this saga by the means of this final episode.

Please, do not throw any stones at us but, in case you are planning to say “yes”, you do need to 110% sure. Probably that’s it. No need to say no more.

Next one is to think of, is that dresses should not be limited to a particular color, despite the occasions. Some people may simply look better in different colors, whereas almost the same applicable to different dress designs.

Still, do not over estimate the power of mirrors as they are well-known for receiving people. Hence, it can be a good idea to take pictures on camera and scroll through them.

Again, comfort is something to think of at all times, so that it is even better to order a dress being slightly bigger, rather than tight. Having a professional taking measures would be a great advantage, as gowns are not ordinary clothes and often come in one or two sizes up. Plus, you do need to make sure that you can actually comfortably move and dance.

Don’t get us wrong, as we have already discussed the matter of budget but vintage shopping or rental are not only about saving your money but perhaps, you can come across something absolutely flawless in style and design, out of time and totally unique. On a flip side, who said you cannot savage it, that is to say of cutting off sleeves, shortening or changing the top.

And in case you may go too far with the above alterations, do make sure that you have some cash reserves still, in case devastation process reaches the point of total annihilation.

No need to be superstitious or anything like it but don’t store your dress at home, so to avoid a chance of your partner stumbling upon it before the time. A bit of a mystery multiplied by the power of surprise would only add up to the bright image of yours on the big day.

Rules are made to be broken, this though should help you to ignore some stereotypes, filter all kinds of advice and such a valuable opinions of experienced friends and siblings. We beg a pardon for our sarcasm.

Finally, it looks like we have covered most of the essential fields and areas and even if we didn’t, these articles should really lead you the way and provide enough food for though, whereas we can only hope that you will do everything in your own unique way, making your special day not just happy but something to talk to your kids about and even being able to demonstrate that stunning gown of yours, at least on the pictures.

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