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Incomplete, yet, endless list of dress shopping tips. Part 2.

Incomplete, yet, endless list of dress shopping tips. Part 2.

We do like to keep our promises, in such respect that the list of the potential advice is truly endless, which though, should lead you to not only the purchase of perfect gown but hopefully, the best overall experience of the process involved, regardless of whether you are a bride or bridesmaid, or even young Lady, searching for home coming or party dress; algorithm is more or less the same.

Handwork, embroidery, embellishments are sound very nice and attractive but they are also synonyms to the big bucks, if you like. Hence, please, be realistic in your desires as too much of a good thing can be harmful, at least, to your budget.

Again, it is nice to try things on, after all, that is primary what the shopping is all about. But… don’t you hate them “buts” by now?! Sorry about that, but… some things can be way too expensive and out of any reasonable scope, so just don’t waste your time on giving them a go. Unless of course, you can get someone else to sew you something very similar at adequate price, which effectively leads us to the idea of not just online shopping but online ateliers.

These guys, ateliers, surely do exist offline but not necessarily in your country. However, latest technological advances as in communications, so in delivery terms, do make things much easier and often cheaper. The only thing to watch out for is time, allowing enough of the valuable resource for the sewing process as well as the postage.

Moreover, sorry for not making your life easier but in case you are a size plus, traditional show rooms usually store samples up to size 10, even so, that they can actually make them up to size 26. The message we are trying to get across is that you may face a difficulty to try things on as they wouldn’t be in stock, unless some special request was placed beforehand. In any case, this is the point when online ateliers don’t sound too bad at all, saving loads of hustle and nerves.

In spite of the fact, we have mentioned in the above limitations of trying on too expensive gowns, it doesn’t actually mean that you shouldn’t try as many as you can of those corresponding to your budget. It is the matter of healthy balance in a way, so that your eyes don’t really get too overloaded with styles and designs, making things even more complicated and next to impossible to choose.

Not to worry, there is a life hack to the above, you can and should make up your mind, whether you want to be more traditional or trendy. Perhaps, watching some celebrities can also help, so to borrow some of their inspiration and ideas.

After all, try to be as truthful as possible to yourself. Love, positive emotions, passion, joy are the ones to lead you on this rocky path towards absolute happiness.

To be continued…

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