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Incomplete, yet, endless list of dress shopping tips. Part 1.

Incomplete, yet, endless list of dress shopping tips. Part 1.

Surely, many of the following points have crossed your mind or were advised by some wise friends. Still, we do think, it is kind of nice, to have them all together in one place. Perhaps some of them, can even provide you with some further ideas or important things to be taken into account.

There is no such thing as too much of research, unless you come across something you absolute fall in love with, relatively soon.

Remain open minded at all times, taking into account various advice but truly listening only to your heart and soul. Your perfect gown may not be perfect to everyone.

Don’t be afraid of bigger sizes as it is normal for bridal measures to be 1-2 size up, in compare to your regular clothes. Also, make sure that you do know your body type or silhouette as it may not be necessary just one, for instance, Kim Kardashian’s one is 3 in 1.

Be realistic, without making promises to lose some weight for the special day. Though, you may as well do it as a tribute to the stress involved, but, it is not the fact at all.

Timing compromise, which effectively means to shop early but again, not too early, and of course, definitely not late.

Stick to your budget and don’t try on expensive models, unless you know something special, as for instance some web site, where you can order it cheaper. However, be also aware of indirect or let’s say non-obvious costs, including them into that not unlimited budget of yours.

Even in case you do have somewhat substantial budget available to you, still, walk you way up from reasonably inexpensive dresses as price may not play the prime role in this one at all.

It is about time to revise some school grammar, in particular, think of three adjectives, which can perfectly describe the dress you want. For instance, romantic, beautiful and modern. Choice is yours.

The right choice of the shopping posse should make this experience fun and resultative, given that the balance between the practical advice and weird dreams is kept for real.

Dress shopping is vital but don’t forget about travel arrangements and probably, amend your shopping list accordingly.

Quite individual this one is but take into consideration an idea of opting for less traditional length, comfort is an important vibe to be enjoyed.

Remember that many gowns do look better on, hence, don’t hesitate to try as many as you can. Also, have your heels with you and on you.

Don’t be afraid of sales or any special offers but do pay attention to the details and any reasonable inspection is rather the must in such case as even shopping assistants may not be aware of some minor things, which may actually result in even bigger discount, while being not important and hidden for any other eyes.

…to be continued…

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