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Going custom: to go or not to go, almost Shakespeare’s question…

Going custom: to go or not to go, almost Shakespeare’s question…

Going custom: to go or not to go, almost Shakespeare’s question…

One one hand, we are all more or less limited to a certain budget, whereas the gown or dress we fall in love with quite often twice expensive, the money we can really afford to spend, without having to host our guests at McDonalds and treating them to a happy meal, feeling sorry in that pricy designer dress. Rather classic dilemma to happen – hence, zero drama policy is to be followed at all times.

First of all, do set the number and stick to it – it may be on its own or as a percentage of your wedding budget. Yet, do not forget about the supporting cast members – considering alterations, accessories, shipping and extra looks before you even walk into the wedding saloon.


At this point, having the number in your head you do need to shop around and shop smart – special offers, freebies often offered by saloons, things like free customization or veil, or you can even buy a sample. Every little helps.

No need to underestimate the power of clearance dresses or even prom/cocktail dresses, which may be well used by bridesmaids.

By the way, don’t forget that “something borrowed” is there for a good reason. Anyways, being able to work well with restricted budgets is a somewhat good skill to be learned for the future married life, rather relevant to bridesmaids though. It doesn’t really matter whether the bridesmaids dresses come in velvet or have long sleeves, one thing for sure, we all interested in sexy bridesmaid dresses, at least for the sake of it.

No hard feeling, casual bridesmaid dresses are also very fine, depending upon the wedding.


Moreover, it is highly recommended to make sure that you are familiar with bridal fashion terms – for instance, being able to tell the difference between silhouettes and skirt shapes. Please, don’t be afraid to ask questions, especially in case you may decide to opt for the custom made one. Oh, don’t forget about the weather – beach wedding may may not make you feel great in some Christmas party dress.

After-all, in case you are the bride, we guess, you do want to look perfect on the day, hence, you are allowed to change your mind and say what you really think, without being afraid to hurt anyone’s feelings. Wedding dresses can be elegant and sexy, whereas you certainly want your bridesmaids look great and sexy too!

Designer is the expert but your are the boss, yet, surely we want them to be our real-life fairy godmothers, making magic from a scratch.

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