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Flying your dress: tips on taking your gown on and off board

Flying your dress: tips on taking your gown on and off board

Many of your ladies dream of some rather romantic and often exotic locations to have the wedding reception in. Can’t blame you for that but except for the guests having to reach that lovely place in time and on time, you are the one facing the most of the challenges as in planning, organizing, paying for everything and importantly, having to deliver the gown of yours not just in one piece but also, in reasonable condition. In the following, we would like to provide you with some tips and advice, if we may, hoping that everything goes according to the plan.

Human and machine factor

Hopefully, the flight attendants are friendly and accommodating, feeling happy for you and being ready to assist you in all the possible ways. Yet, the aircraft itself may lack the space to store your gown in, for instance, not all planes have on-board closet, so that you would be forced to place your dress in overhead compartment, which stands a chance of being crumped, whereas some passengers can be grumpy or simply careless. In all cases, you cannot really allow yourself for such risks.

Talk to your carrier

In order to offset the above mentioned risks you do need to talk to the airline in advance, checking the type of the aircraft and options available to you. In reality, there is quite a high chance of having to pay extra for oversized luggage, extra seat or even business class. Considering all costs involved into the process, paying more at this stage is truly somewhat wise idea, rather than ending up watching your precious gown being off loaded into the checked in luggage compartment.

Pack your dress properly

No need to mention the importance of using special bags, depending upon the type and especially volume of your dress but even zipping it up needs to be done with great care and attention as you may accidentally damage the fabric in the rush, whereas your final destination may lack the opportunity to visit experienced seamstress or allow for any amendments as such.

Again, talk to the professionals at both sides of the barrier, the guys who sold you the gown but also, the airline, which may well have some special procedure to carry out sized delicate garments or at least, advice you of alternatives.

Just buy another ticket or even two

In many cases, this option may help to solve the matter at relatively reasonable price. Surely, once on the flight you may search for an empty seat, especially in case of your flight being not full.

In any case, please make sure that you do take a portable steamer or even an iron with you as well as an adapter (mind you, these things can be tricky), which also needs to be carefully packed. Putting a towel around it or SteamerSock wouldn’t be a bad idea at all.

Finally, in case you are not flying but planning to use some other mode of transport, the above advice should still remain handy to you, just adjust it to the potential nuances involved.

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