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Essential check points: 365 days to the special day and absolute perfection

Essential check points: 365 days to the special day and absolute perfection

The light at the end engagement tunnel is certainly becoming not just visible but rather certain. That is to say of an average engagement period, which is known to be roughly of 9 to 12 months, allowing for the perfect gown hunt as well as overall preparation.

Don’t mean to sound mundane at all, hence, please allow me to elucidate myself.

In case you are opting for custom made dresses, ideally, 9 months is the tops, so that anything less than that can be relatively risky. Hence, off-the-rack gown is probably the reasonable choice under such circumstances, which is why it is strongly recommended to start with 12 months preparation period, keeping your options open and nervous system calm.

12 months to go

In case you love peonies, do make sure that you set that date, so that they are available. Similar thing works for wedding dress style and model, as some of them may look simply stunning in autumn, being inappropriate in winder as well as a bit chilly and too hot for the summer period. I guess, you got the idea – boho beach party might be slightly unsuitable for sit down reception.

Hence, it would be just about the right time to determine the date and the venue, your guests would definitely appreciate this too.

It is also some very appropriate moment for thinking of all kinds of budgets, including the gown and the suit, leaving enough time to apply for a bank loan if desperate. Hope, won’t be the case.

12 – 10 months left

Budgets are set, hence it is more or less clear what kind of dress we would like to have facing the thin line of being able to afford as in monetary terms, so time scale and type, i.e. ready made or custom.

Good time for searching, deciding upon style and silhouette, accessories and importantly, informing the  bridesmaid squad – allowing them to shop for their dresses, especially in case you may decide some specific style and color to be followed.

Oh, them 9 months

Well, in case of a pregnancy, probably it would be some very good idea to postpone the whole thing, if not, then leave all the doubts aside and make your final purchasing decision. Trust me, alterations are required in 99% of cases.

Invitations should be at least ready, if not sent off already. It is also good time to weed some people out. Sorry, such is life.

6 months left, not much really

Hair style, make up, flowers as well as professionals responsible for all of this should be chosen and agreed with. Multiply all of this by fitting into the overall wedding theme and design, the time will fly faster that you think.

Oh, don’t forget them wedding shoes of yours and don’t stick to just one pair. After all, it really depends on your wedding plans, location and style.

Is there a need to mention underwear? Well, just in case.

90 day marathon

It is definitely about a time to fit you dress and alter it if required. Don’t you forget to bring along your shoes, jewelries, accessories and anything else you may think of as being crucial and critical.

Talk to your seamstress, don’t hesitate to ask questions and set deadlines. Timing is everything here.

14 days left

Final dress fitting as well as storage location – safe and reliable.

The last day

Nothing to lose really – just the final checks. You did loads of hard work, time to harvest the results.

The day

Marvelous mood, stunning look, total happiness and unforgettable experience. Be good!

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