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Bridesmaid dress: Tips and advice

Bridesmaid dress: Tips and advice

Given that you have been selected to the bridal squad of the upcoming wedding, the next challenge is choosing of the perfect bridesmaid dress, matching not only the requirements of the bride to be but also your own dreams and desires. For instance, if case you were thinking of taking part in a beach wedding, the factors to be taken into account should be such things as intense sun, loads of sticky sand, probably pretty rough dance floor and even sudden changes of weather. Oh, let’s not run ahead of train and list the most important things to watch out for.

Timing is important at all times. Some may even think of this a year an advance but realistically, do allow yourself at least 3-8months, especially if we are talking of a custom made dress. Alterations and even delivery may take quite some time, hence, no need for a last minute rush.

Regardless of your shopping habits, we do strongly advice to start with online research – it is easy, fun and not really time consuming, remaining the fact of being able to find and even buy perfect bridesmaid dress online.

Don’t be embarrassed to talk of budgets. We do appreciate the fact that it is very sensitive subject but it really should be addressed openly, so not to disrupt so carefully planned wedding preparation process, which is why weddings are often regarded as etiquette minefield.

Something very important that needs highlighting is the need to taking the measures. Surely, all of you more or less aware of your dimensions but we are talking of having them done professionally. We don’t mean to diminish your measuring skills, yet, professionals are professionals, whereas you cannot afford yourself to make a mistake really.

Underwear, shoes and accessories do really matter, and the ones you may already proudly have in your bedroom may not necessarily go along with that new dress of yours. Hence, do allow yourself some extra time for this kind of shopping as well as think of a plan b, in case, some last minute changes may take place and probably they will. 

Finally, maintain an open mind at all times and do follow the bride’s lead, after all, it is her wedding and you are an important part of the support team. Hence, don’t be afraid to contribute ideas, provide constructive feedback and healthy criticism. Every little helps.

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