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Bridesmaid shopping as in zero drama guide

Bridesmaid shopping as in zero drama guide

Finding the right wedding dress is complicated enough, yet, it is often understated and not anticipated, how difficult it can be for the entire bride squad. Budgets, personal preferences, specific requirements, timing are only a few to be mentioned. Hence please do consider a few following pieces of advice, which might come in hand or at least make things a bit smoother.

Watching out for the mines on the field

In case you may think of a wedding as some kind of etiquette minefield then the matter of bridesmaid dress budget can also be relatively toxic, if not potentially explosive.

Luckily, to buy a dress off the rack or on Internet is not much of a problem these days, still, alterations are inevitable in 75% of cases, adding up some extra bucks on top of things. Plus, it takes time and experienced seamstress.

In the even of opting for custom made one, the above situation should be simply multiplied in terms of complexity as such factors as shipping, delivery terms, measures, fitting and so on, come into play.


The above abbreviation stands for “know your customer”, ever so popular in business circles these days. In your case, it is about preventive market research, so to be not only aware of latest trends and styles but also of people, able to guarantee delivery to you, in time and on time. As some kind of a bonus, you should also become aware of prices on the market. The only thing, do not leave this till the last moment. Six months in advance sounds more or less just right or even eight, to be safe.

Don’t you forget that early bird… gets the best deal.

Many things come from abroad

Outsourcing is very popular lately, that is to say that many designers have their dresses produced overseas. Please bear in mind this important factor, when it comes to planning.

Split your bridal squad

In case you make up your mind of potential location to order dresses, try not to bash in the whole gang into one appointment. Intelligence can be and should be carried out efficiently enough with couple of agents only, why not let them be your mum (making her happy or even your mother in law, or both if possible) and/or bride of honor.

Having results in hand, clutch the rest of the team or lead the way.

Sensitive questions

Jealousy is, unfortunately, yet, undoubtedly very common in our dog eat dog world. Even best mates of yours (regardless whether they are married or unmarried) might face this feeling due to all kinds of reasons, whereas we don’t really want anyone to hate us forever and a day.

Hence, so to reduce the burning flame, don’t hesitate to address all kinds of questions at prep stage, so to have as minimum negative emotions as possible at your special day, making sure that you have walked an extra mile to make everyone comfortable and happy as much as it was possible.

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